Dog Training The Dog Whisperer Way

Dog Training The Dog Whisperer Way


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Dog owners around the world are finding great success with methods from famous trainer Cesar Millan. Whether people are looking to teach young pups the right way or correct problems with their difficult canines, Cesar’s dog training offers a controlled, systematic approach that dogs of any breed can benefit from learning. At, dog owners can ask questions of Cesar or vets Dr. Sherry Weaver and Dr. Kristy Conn. Owners can also check out Cesar’s exclusive tips, magazine features and archives of his National Geographic Channel television show, The Dog Whisperer.

Cesar Millan — The Dog Whisperer Rises to Popularity

Cesar first began working with dogs as a young boy on his grandfather’s farm in Mexico. After moving to the United States at the age of 21, Cesar began working in a dog grooming store, where he focused on the most aggressive dogs. He later created both the Pacific Point Canine Academy and Dog Psychology Center, for which he began to gain recognition and a popular following.

After being profiled by the Los Angeles Times, Cesar began working with the National Geographic Channel on his television show, The Dog Whisperer. The show, which premiered in 2004, portrays Cesar’s work in dog rehabilitation and is now broadcast in more than 80 countries. His book, Cesar’s Way, came out during the show’s second season and quickly became a widely-acclaimed bestseller.


Cesar’s Revolutionary Approaches to Training Dogs

Cesar holds unique philosophies when it comes to dog training. His work focuses on a dog’s primary needs, which he lists as exercise, discipline and affection. Under Cesar’s school of thought, a dog’s most important need is exercise. When owners ensure that their dogs receive regular, vigorous exercise, the dog’s energy level is filled and the dog is less likely to act out.

A dog’s second need is discipline and Cesar emphasizes that owners must get clear on this principle. Owners should set clear boundaries on a dog’s behavior, in particular by watching for signs of bad behavior before it arises. Cesar advises owners to watch a dog’s facial expressions and movements closely in order to predict when a dog might be getting ready to act out.

Finally, Cesar focuses on a dog’s need for affection. Because many owners tend to give their dogs affection when the canines are anxious or nervous, these behaviors are unintentionally reinforced. Instead, Cesar notes that owners should focus on giving dogs affection when the animals already have a balanced level of energy. This promotes calm behavior and positive energy for the dog.

Cesar also stresses that owners must recognize the impact of their own attitudes on their dogs. While filling the dog’s three basic needs, an owner should also take note of his or her own emotions and physical behaviors. In order to project a calm but assertive energy to the dog, an owner should keep his or her voice level, posture strong and emotions balanced.

The Success of Cesar Millan

Throughout his years of dog training, Cesar has accumulated numerous success stories of dogs that have overcome their fears and behavioral problems with his direction. Some of the most popular stories with viewers are profiled on his website, such as that of Luna the Lab Mix. Before Cesar worked with Luna, she was a frightened dog that hid constantly and had extreme anxiety. However, after spending time at the Dog Psychology Center socializing with other dogs, Luna is now more sociable and curious about the world. Luna’s improved behavior has helped her to live a fuller life and to enjoy her surroundings.

Another popular story is that of K9 Gavin the Labrador Retriever. After working for years with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Florida, Gavin developed an aversion to loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. Gavin’s handler says that with Cesar’s help, Gavin will now ignore loud noises completely or simply sit down for a brief minute before going on with his business.

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Dog Training The Dog Whisperer Way