Irrigation May Not Be Needed At All Times

Irrigation May Not Be Needed at All Times


Quinton Przybylski

A good irrigation plan can be used to help keep any property looking and feeling as great as it can. However, there are some cases where irrigation is not necessary. Anyone who wants a healthy lawn should think about the rules for getting a good irrigation plan ready.

The first thing to do is to make sure that grass that becomes dormant in the winter season is not watered during the later parts of the fall. This part of irrigation is needed to help with saving water and to protect the grass from any freezing concerns that might come with water getting in the water during the colder time of the year.

In fact, irrigation during a dormant period might do more to hurt a lawn. This is because a lawn may be damaged to the point where weed seeds can easily sprout and create some ugly appearances around the body of a lawn. Also, a grass can easily develop rot when it is watered at a dormant time of year.


The next point for irrigation is to make sure that the irrigation system is not used after a rain comes in the area. A natural rain can be healthy and can keep a property from spending more money on getting irrigation handled. However, there is also the issue of how a person s lawn may be harmed by flooding when an irrigation system is used after it rains. There still needs to be some time for a lawn to soak in the water that it has gotten.

The best thing to do in this case is to simply get an irrigation plan ready about one and a half days after rainfall occurs. This is to keep the lawn safe. It also helps to prepare any automatic systems by getting them to start and stop with forecasts in mind. Checking the daily forecast is always a good idea to ensure that one is fully aware of what can happen to a lawn and to see if it needs to be watered.

There is also the need for irrigation to be handled by helping to see if there is a great deal of ground cover in an area. Watering after something like fertilizer has been applied might end up putting more pressure onto a lawn. This could cause the stress levels in the area to become too high. Therefore, it is best for a person to avoid dealing with any irrigation plans if there are things on a lawn already.

These ideas for irrigation must be used as a means of keeping a lawn safe and secure. These will make it easier for anyone to get a good looking lawn that does not have any issues coming from times when it was watered in the wrong points.

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