Non Surgical Face Lift: Easy Face Lift Exercises

By Dr Tyng Tan

What would you do if I tell you that you really don’t have to resort to expensive cosmetic surgery to have a youthful face? One of the easiest ways for you to achieve that lifted look without having to impair your skin’s integrity is through face lift exercises. Aside from being painless these exercises are also free! You can do it anytime comfortable for you and as often as you like!

Face Lift Exercises for Your Eyes

There are easy exercises for your eyes which you can do while taking a short breather from work. For example, while your eyes are opened you lift your eyebrows and then have your eyelids partly closed. Hold this for a couple of seconds. Then follow it by opening your eyes as wide as you can which you hold for a couple of seconds.

Another exercise is also done by closing your eyes, and then you place both of your thumbs at each sides of the outer edge of your peepers. And then gently you pull the skin to the direction of the temples. You can also add another stretch by placing each of your forefingers beneath your eyebrows and then you stretch the skin upwards as you maintain in closing your eyes.

Face Lift Exercises for the Cheeks

One simple exercise advised by yoga experts to firm up the cheek is by inhaling deeply and holding a ball air inside your cheeks. You then move that air from cheek to cheek, and then repeat this couple of times until you feel like you need air again.


You can also find the marionette line, which is that indentation that runs from both sides of the nose to the sides of the lips. You press that area near the cheek with your forefinger, and then you move the muscle up and down as your fingers provide resistance. Do this repeatedly for a couple of times.

Lip Exercises

If you want to maintain the firmness of your lips, you can do so by smiling! This does not require that toothy grin, but rather a tight lipped one. You stretch your lips as wide as possible; you hold it for a couple of seconds before releasing.

Another creative way to exercise the lips is by bringing them together like that in a kiss. Hold it and then relax. You can also add in some variation by bringing your lips as they are held tightly together and then released.

Face Lift Exercises for the Forehead

You can exercise the forehead area by bringing both your eyebrows closer together as if in a frown. And then alternate this with a motion that brings them as far as possible from the eyes. You hold this for five seconds before you relax the muscle. Do this repeatedly 10 times for better results. With this exercise you gradually tone your forehead area.

Face Lift Exercises for Neck

A way to give your neck that toned and lifted effect is by extending your neck backward, with you staring straight at the ceiling. You then bring your tongue as if in an attempt to touch your chin with it. You maintain this stretch for a couple of seconds and then relax.

With the same position you can also bring the lower lip over the upper lip. You will feel a stretch on your skin in the neck region. Keep this position for a few seconds and then release.

With this simple face lift exercises, you eventually firm, tone and stretch that facial skin over time. Make sure that you do it regularly for the best results. But also remember to pair it up with right diet and rest.

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