Plan A Kenya Safari For Once In A Lifetime Experience

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Plan your next holiday to East Africa for an extraordinary experience of a Kenya Safari. Kenya, without doubt, is the most sought after destination by tourists, world over, for its wild life excursions.

What is it that makes Kenya so popular with tourists? Here are some compelling reasons why tourists choose Kenya as a preferred destination for a wildlife expedition.

The Best Wildlife Safaris

Kenya tourism focuses almost entirely on safaris and tours of its world renowned National Parks and Game Reserves. Some of the most well known names are Maasai Mara, Kora National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Amboseli National Park. These parks are renowned for the diversity of the flora and fauna present here.


A Kenya Safari brings you the most exotic and unimaginable wildlife experience. Kenya is home to an awesome diversity of wild life. Get on to a Kenya Safari, and in all probability you will encounter a minimum of 30-40 mammals, and at least 150 species of birds throughout your game drive; truly an awesome count by any standards. Here is a list of the wild creatures that you can view.

* Crocodiles – Visit a crocodile farm in Mombasa, a tremendous tourist draw. Visitors to this place are acquainted with conservation, wildlife farming, and environmental friendly quarry.

* Carnivores – Getting to see cheetahs, leopards, lions, wild dogs, and hyenas is commonplace in Kenya. Most National Reserves have an assortment of wild mammals, but nowhere as bountiful as in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya’s finest wildlife sanctuary.

* Birds – Kenya is an exciting part of the world for bird-watching. Since most of the country is open grassland, you can get to see birds in the open. By a conservative estimate, Kenya has upwards of 350 species of birds, though aggressive enthusiasts have reported sighting of more than 600 varieties. The assortment of birds that you can come across is too numerous to list here. There are plentiful bitterns, herons, egrets, frigate birds, darters, tropicbirds, pelicans, and storm-petrels, just to name a few.

Maasai Mara Wildebeest migration

By far, the crowning attraction of a Kenya Safari is the annual Wildebeest Migration at Maasai Mara. Each year around June, more than a million Wildebeest gather at Serengeti to migrate to Maasai Mara. This is a natural cycle that restocks and renews the grasslands of East Africa. For visitors, it is an unforgettable sight when the Wildebeests slowly merge into a huge single herd until the dry season sets in.

Other Attractions

Though safaris take the cake in Kenya, there are other attractions too. You have serene beaches and spectacular mountains too. The beaches around Malindi are among the top tourist attractions. The sunset sails, dolphin watching, snorkeling, and all kinds of water sports pull the visitors from all over the world. Mount Kenya has the second highest peak in Africa. This mountain is known for its breathtaking slopes that give way to rock, ice, and snow.

A holiday in Africa can be an incredible experience. Be it a Kenya Safari or a Tanzania Safari, a travel to Africa does not fail to dazzle you.

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