Signs Your Basement Needs To Be Waterproofed

byAlma Abell

Few things are as guaranteed to wreak havoc on your home like a flooded basement. A flooded basement can not only destroy whatever was in the basement already, but also potentially destroy your home’s very foundation if not handled properly. Thankfully the means to protect your basement from this happening, to “waterproof” it, as it’s referred to, are easy to requisition. But what if you don’t know your house needs it? Like, say, if you’ve moved into a new house and have no idea you’re in danger of this happening? If you are skeptical if your basement needs waterproofing in Boston, here are the key signs to watch out for in order to determine that you in fact do need this service.

#1. Flaking walls

Most basements are made of brick and mortar, and water and brick don’t really mix well. When water and brick interact for too long, it can cause the brick to flake. This means that, bit by bit, the brick will begin to erode, and parts will start flaking off. Obviously, this is a problem for the rest of your house, even if the basement isn’t necessarily flooded. Flaky bricks are weak bricks, and that poses a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home.

#2. Musty air

If the air in your basement smells musty as you walk through it (and don’t worry, this is not a smell that’s hard to miss) then you should call a professional waterproof specialist immediately. This is a sign that not only is there water in your basement, but that said water has been there long enough that mold has formed, and that mold has developed spores, which are now in the air. For anyone with breathing troubles already, this will be a nightmare if not addressed quickly.

#3. Salt deposits

If the walls of your basement are made out of stone or concrete instead of brick, salt deposits are your means of telling if they’ve contacted water. When water and stone meet, and the water dries up after a while, there will be in its place a layer of white or gray powder left on the surface. Finding this means that you’ve found where the water is.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs or something similar, don’t wait another minute. Call the professional waterproofing specialists at Basement Technologies immediately to get an estimate. Like us on our facebook page.