Three Reasons To Brush Your Teeth

Three Reasons to Brush Your Teeth


Bill W. Tyler

There are many reasons to brush your teeth. However, for this article, we will just focus on the top three. While brushing is one of the most important parts of taking care of your personal hygiene, many people may not be brushing enough. Did you know that most dentists recommend brushing your teeth three times per day after every meal. This is quite difficult for most people today, but more than likely, you should be brushing more often than you are right now.

So, what are the top three reasons that you should brush your teeth?


1. Bad Breath. When bacteria builds up in your mouth, you experience bad breath. By brushing, you remove the food particles that this malodorous bacteria eats.

2. Tooth Decay. When the bacteria is allowed to stay in your mouth for extended periods of time, it starts to eat away at the enamel of your teeth. This, in turn, will cause the tooth to rot from the inside.

3. Gum Disease. If you continue to allow the bacteria in your mouth free reign, then, you are opening yourself up for a serious and painful condition called gum disease. Treating gum disease is much more expensive than brushing.

So, what should I do? Step 1. Brush and floss daily and as often as you can during the day (not too much, though). Step 2. Visit a dentist twice per year for regular check-ups and deep cleaning. Step 3. Repair any current problems that you have. Having decayed teeth filled will help prevent the decay from spreading.

For many people, seeing a dentist twice per year simply is too expensive; however, there are dental plans available now that make visiting the dentist much more affordable. We offer several dental plans including insurance plans as well as discount plans to help make quality dental care affordable. If you take care of your teeth, they will last a lifetime. If not, the pain will.

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